Map of Subdivision


The Lake Forrest subdivision is located on the northwest corner of Mound and South River Roads and is close to and northwest of the intersection of Interstates 55 and 80. The house is very close to the Mound Road entrance.

Your best bet from I-55 is to get off at Exit 253 and go west 1.5 miles to River Road. There's a CVS Pharmacy on one side of the road and a Walgreen's on the other. Then turn left and go south 2 miles and 2 stop signs to Mound Road. From there turn right and go west about 1,200 feet to the first street, Forrest View Drive. It's a T intersection so you can only turn one way. Go about 200 feet to another T intersection and turn again on Redwood Lane. The house is the second one on the left.

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